Immortal Pongbat

Pre-Release v0.2

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This is a pre-release version of Immortal Pongbat!
It is likely to have numerous flaws and is not guaranteed to work on your computer. Your help in finding these flaws would be greatly appreciated. To report a bug, visit

About Immortal Pongbat

Immortal Pongbat is Pong taken to a new level! Two players use paddles to bounce balls across the screen, as was the case in the original Pong. That's where the similarities stop. In Immortal Pongbat:

System Requirements

These requirements are subject to change.
Processor 450MHz Pentium III or better
Display 640x480, 16 bit color or greater


When Immortal Pongbat is launched, the Main Menu will be displayed. It is navigated using the mouse.

To start a game, select "Play Game". Before the game starts, a few different options will be presented. If you only want to start a single player game, then select "Start Game". Otherwise, you may:


Playing Immortal Pongbat is like playing Pong, where you defend a goal using a paddle. The major difference in Immortal Pongbat is that multiple balls may be on the screen at any one time. (The original Pong would never have more than one.) If the last ball on the screen passes by your paddle, then your opponent gets a goal. The game ends when a player reaches the goal limit, or when time runs out.

Your paddle is equipped with a laser, which can cut holes in your opponent's paddle. Balls are able to pass through these holes, making them increasingly harder to hit.

At the start of a round, one or more balls will be placed onto the field. When you hit a ball, it's color will change to that of your paddle. This means that you 'own' the ball. When one of your balls hits a powerup, which are represented by small gray blocks, you'll receive that powerup. The powerup blocks are as follows:
Laser - Increases your laser power.
Invincibility - Makes your paddle invulnerable to damage for a short period of time.
Health - Restores a paddle to full health.

Blocks can do other things besides giving out powerups. Some can change the ball's traits, such as it's speed or movement, while others can adjust the number of balls on the field. These blocks are as follows:
Add Ball - Adds another ball to the field.
Remove Ball - Destroys the ball, unless it is the last one on the field.
Speedup - Increases the ball's speed.
Slowdown - Decreases the ball's speed.
Crack - Makes the ball go crazy!
Bomb - Makes the ball explosive! A bomb ball will explode when it passes by a paddle. Avoid these explosions at all cost!

Default keys for the Blue paddle:

Left Shift Moves the paddle up
Left Ctrl Moves the paddle down
Z Fires the laser

Default keys for the Red paddle:

Up Moves the paddle up
Down Moves the paddle down
Left Fires the laser

Joystick Support

Basic joystick/joypad support is available. Pressing up or down will move the paddle up or down, and pressing any other button should fire the laser.

To test which joystick is associated with which paddle, press a button from within the "Game Options" screen, which is accessible by clicking on "Play Game" from the Main Menu. When a button is pressed, a pair of exclamation marks will appear behind the respective player's name ("Blue" or "Red".)

Please note that analog joysticks are not yet supported.